Cannabis saves the life of M3 Meds Ca Director.

Nine years ago Rebecca Sewell received the horrible diagnosis of CRPS (Complex Regional Pain
Syndrome); a rare and severe nerve disease. CRPS is one of the worst chronic pain conditions as listed
by the McGill Pain Scale. From this diagnosis began the road to the many different pharmaceutical pills
used to treat the condition. After numerous trips to doctors and specialists she was prescribed everything from the
strongest pain killers, antidepressants, sleeping medication, and the list goes on. Even going as far as to have a
morphine pump continuously giving her medication for six years.  Eventually the pills rotted her
teeth having her resort to dentures at the age of 26.
However through her struggle Rebecca has found medical cannabis and has been able to come
off all of her pharmaceutical medication. Seeing her today you would never know all that she
has gone through. Her struggle has also brought her into the cannabis industry working with M3
Meds Distribution.
How did you get started using Medical Cannabis?
Ironically enough I started dating someone who used Medical Cannabis for his headaches. I
started consuming casually with him. I could feel the benefits right away both physically and
mentally. About 3 months into using medical cannabis I was able to start the process of
removing the morphine pump; which took a year to titrate down; as it was a continuous dose.
What strains work best for you when dealing with the pain?
You know it is really a personal choice. I myself have found Indicias to be the best for me. Any
Kush or OG strain. Also really loving Pitbull from Stoney Girl Gardens. A great hybrid is also
great for the daytime.
What has been the biggest change since coming off the pharmaceutical medication?
It is amazing how the body can bounce back. I had diabetes and a thyroid problem while on the
medication. Now since coming off of everything I no longer have those problems. The biggest
change physically would be how great I feel. Feeling alive and losing 60lbs I had gained over
What do you want for the future of Medical Cannabis?
I want the patients to be able to receive quality medical cannabis. Which is why I started
working with M3 Meds Distribution. I like how they are elevating the industry; being a central
hub for manufacturers and retailers. I enjoy working with them and being apart of the industry.


M3 is California’s first full scale cannabis distribution company to service patients and dispensaries alike.  The first Amazon of the Cannabis industry allows legal SB420 dispensaries, vendors and cultivators to open a store on the M3 website and we then bring their product right to your door.


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