Models with Med’s becomes Sacramento’s most popular Delivery Service

Many people with medical marijuana prescriptions in the state of California, specifically in the Sacramento, don’t even need to leave their house to get their weed delivered. But soon they may get to have their weed delivered by a (Smoking) hot model of their choice.

Sacramentoo-based startup Models with Meds is attempting to bring Sacramento cannabis delivery a higher level of service by enlisting the help of elite Models for its delivery service.

“We see Models as an amazing tool for delivery. A model is always more welcoming when knocking at your door than some teenager, CEO Sarah Marshall tells us.

But then there’s the safety issue: If a bunch of models are zipping around Sacramento with weed on them, it’s only a matter of time before they start getting put in compromising positions. People robbing drug dealers of their product is nothing new, and we doubt that will change, especially in a state where marijuana isn’t even legal for recreational consumption.  But Models with Meds has an armed security guard accompanying models on all deliveries, so I don’t see any problems happening with that security measure in place.

Although Models with Med’s Delivery is currently only delivering in Sacramento, the company has plans to expand to other pot-friendly cities, including Los Angeles and San Jose, in order to disrupt the dispensary model.

Regardless, Marshall said that the startup is “the most fun thing I’ve ever worked on in my life.”

Below Czarina who is one of Models with Med’s most popular delivery models.



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