Model with Meds becomes Top Producer in (Green Miracle Network) Cannabis MLM


The first Cannabis MLM to hit California was shocked when the newest member (MODELS WITH MEDS) shot to the top of the producers within the first month.  Green Miracle Network is a cannabis based MLM, open to anyone with a valid CA Medical Marijuana Recommendation. 

Green Miracle Network charges $350 as an introductory level to start an online store which includes some products to start your store.  They also teach you how to throw GMN Pot Parties to increase donations from your home.  Members can  join GMN on and  it also allows you to buy product at wholesale from their affiliate partner M3 Meds.  The average member is making $3000 to $5000 per month but the newest member to join is looking to blow those numbers out the water.  Czarina Cusion is an aspiring model with a business head on her shoulders as well.  She decide to Launch Models With Meds under the Green Miracle Network.

Czarina concept was simple yet genius.  She hires models to deliver her inventory of cannabis products from her online store.  Not to worry, a armed Security Guard accompanies her and her models on every delivery.  The models not only deliver your medicine but they will hang out and test it with you for 15 minutes to make sure you like your selection.  Your Medical Marijuana license will be validated through M3 Meds in order to receive a delivery.  She has already has more views on her page than any of the other members and is soon going to throw the Pot Parties and invite her models to host the monthly event.  The main reason she joins she tells us is because she knows so many people in the industry and even if they don’t buy from her store she still gets a 5% override on any patients she refers to the site.


Green Miracle Network Plan, Party Hosting & Website Tools

Green Miracle Network is designed to grow with your business, with a wide range of plans plus an enterprise option for small to large vendors and delivery companies. The lower-tier plans who are for patients new to the cannabis business restrict bandwidth, which sets limits on your transactions, whether a patient buys something from your store or an employee loads a video description of your product. We found the design dashboard and interface user friendly and straightforward.  Green Miracle Network offers a variety of customizable tools to ensure that your store is one of a kind. If you know HTML, you can modify the templates further. Green Miracle Network makes adding content to your eCommerce store quick and simple. It can create a spreadsheet for you to populate with product information for batch uploading, and it offers a power-edit feature that lets you make changes to groups of products at once. It does not have a built-in blog feature, although it can link to outside blogging accounts. While that includes WordPress, it nonetheless does not integrate with that platform to let you sell products off a WordPress site.

Shopping & Marketing Features

The number of features offered in this eCommerce software varies by plan. For the Plus plan that we reviewed, you get most of the important features of any online store, such as product comparisons and gift certificates. Green Miracle Network incorporates standard marketing tools: promotional email and the ability to suggest related products at checkout for upsell. Customers can rate products by number of stars, which are reflected on category pages and search pages as well as in Google searches. It can notify you of abandoned carts, which is an important feature for increasing sales as two-thirds of all shopping carts are abandoned before the purchase is made. Another vital feature all plans offer is a mobile-responsive storefront. With so many people using smartphones or tablets for online shopping, this feature has become necessary for eCommerce.  Green Miracle Network’s Social Store Builder tool lists your products on Facebook. You can place like and share buttons on your website to link your site to your company’s Facebook page. You can also create specific themes on your Facebook page to match your storefront and promote daily deals to help attract customers. You can post information from your website directly to Twitter and Facebook and showcase your products on YouTube.

Back Office & Security

Green Miracle Network has a good back office that interacts with patients you work with, monitors your inventory, and produces a handful of standard and customized reports. Green Miracle Network integrates with QuickBooks and Google Analytics, making accounting and traffic analysis easy. To monitor your store on the go, Green Miracle Network has a mobile version so you can continue everyday tasks from your smartphone or tablet. It’s also helpful if you are away from the office frequently or just want to handle store emergencies quickly. Green Miracle Network provides extensive security features for your online store. Also, if patients are uncivil, you can ban them from your store with an integrated IP-blocking security feature. All pages have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, which helps prevent eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery by encrypting internet activity.

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