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If one understands the importance of education one must know it starts with knowing one’s History. Back in the early 1900’s two gentlemen were leading the charge to make cannabis illegal. Mr. Dupont had invented the process to turn trees into paper. Mr. Hearst owned most of the trees and newspapers. Undoubtedly because of greed and the fact that Hemp was cheaper although better for the environment to produce paper, it only made sense to try to stop this plant from going into major production. Lets remember this is when the industry was initially starting so they were the fore runners in paper manufacturing. Lets fast fwd 100 years.

Can you imagine the trees that could have been saved and still here on earth to help with the CO2 gases destroying our ozone layer and melting polar caps. Even imagine further yet that cannabis was the main crop of paper production and there were forests of cannabis plants. We as humans have to admit we made a mistake that has a double edge. Not only did we cut down trees and not see the long term effect and we stopped a plant from being grown that God put here to help with green house gases. Its not to late to reverse the actions we took 100 years ago. Cannabis is one of the best sources of co2 intake and in most cases is double that of a tree. Become an Angel today and help us fix our carbon in print one plant at a time.

At M3 Meds we are dedicated to just more than providing quality meds to our patients and dispensaries.  We are very involved in our community and want to help in any way possible to advance the lives of our youth especially inner city.  We see a socioeconomic problem in our inner city youth having access to Marijuana licenses and education.  With access to Doctors and proper education on marijuana M3 allows sponsorships to obtain a marijuana license through our program.  It is detrimental to our inner city youth to provide them free access to obtain their license.

Most times is it a monetary or educational problems that stops this group from obtaining their licenses. This access to a marijuana license will prohibit a useless arrest for possession of marijuana that can not only affect their future with the job market but also access to many other opportunities.  M3 has initiated a fund that we have started that pays the doctors and researchers to help with our cause.  We accept donations in order for our candidates to provide the proper and legal documentation needed to obtain their medical marijuana license.  This allows us to increase the education on marijuana and undoubtedly stops numerous youth from going to jail and being caught up in the system.

We want to make sure our sponsorships are appreciated and well deserved so every candidate must obtain one of the three following criteria.

*Be a registered Voter

*Be enrolled in a college, university or military

*Outstanding community involvement



MIN DONATION IS $150 = 1000 Angel Points

    • 1,000 Angel Points – We sponsor one of our youth with a medical marijuana licence.  Or we plant one Hemp plant or Cannabis plant named after your last name.
    • 2,000 Angel Points – We send you a monthly picture of your plants with updates and chemical read outs or a donated 1 Ounce of flower from M3 for registered patients
    • 5,000 Angel Points – We donate back to you a 2 Ounces of flower for registered patients
    • 10,000 Angel Points – We allow you to schedule visits to tour the grow and donate back to you 3 Ounces of Flower.
    • 15,000 Angel Points – We induct you to our hall of Angels and donate back to you one quarter ounce of M3 Flower to registered patients.


    *All Referrals are worth 100 Angel Points*


    • For Every Angel Credit you collect INJ will grow one plant on your behalf. One plant is equal to 6 metric tons of CO2 gas.
    • It is INJ’s mission is to eliminate 4.20 million metric tons of gas. So, just how much is 4.20 million metric tons of CO2? According to the EPA, that’s the same as the annual energy use of 422,542 homes
    • You can also redeem your credits at different levels for various Angel Rewards
    • Imagine all the youth that will be saved from an unnecessary arrest which will ultimately have a huge negative impact on their life



Brian Johnson – 1000 Angel Credits

Jessica Richards – 1000 Angel Credits

Chad Farley – 2000 Angel Credits

Amflag Janitorial – 2000 Angel Credits

Vo-Dixon Insurance – 3000 Angel Credits

Rebecca Sewell – 3000 Angel Credits

Vincent James – 3000 Angel Credits

1st Choice Realtors – 3000 Angel Credits

Helene Malebed – 6000 Angel Credits

Add Value Alliance – 7000 Angel Credits


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